On May 12, The Northern Flowers will take part in an interesting project in Volgograd. The stage of the city’s Central Concert Hall will host a concert titled “The Day When the Trumpet Calls the Resurrection.” In the program crowning the Bright Easter Week you will hear The Frescoes of St. Sophia of Kiev for harp with orchestra by Valeriy Kikta and John of Damascus, a monumental cantata by Sergey Taneyev. In the literary part of the concert, Sergey Arsentiev will recite fragments of the chronicle Tale of Bygone Years, writings of John of Damascus, and Alexei Tolstoy’s poem John of Damascus. The performance will be accompanied by a video installation of icons and frescoes by Andrei Rublev and Theophanes the Greek, and frescoes and mosaics of St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev.

The Volgograd Symphony Orchestra, Volgograd Choir Chapel, and Irina Amozova (harp) will contribute to the concert.

Conducting, idea and composition, concert presentation and comments: Yuri Serov


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