Night of Music in Gatchina 2013

From Tchaikovsky to James Bond

“The Night of Music in Gatchina” has already become a remarkable tradition of St. Petersburg’s musical summer. In the three years of its existence, it has grown into one of Russia’s most impressive, unusual and memorable open air concerts. The stage is on the water surface of the White Lake, against the background of the majestic Gatchina Palace. Symphonic music, the excellent architectural monument, and a natural landscape are in amazing harmony and give you unforgettable impressions.

From eleven in the evening, July 6 and till half past three in the morning of the new day July 7, over Gatchina’s water table – a favorite leisure boating place of Russian imperial families – you will hear symphonic masterpieces of Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov, fragments from musicals of unique Leonard Bernstein and the piano concerto of George Gershwin, Trumpet Concerto of Alexandra Pakhmutova and popular tunes from Oscar-winning American and European films. The multi-hour event will be topped with the performance of famous ‘1812’ Solemn Overture of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The composer provided in the score for stage effects symbolizing the glory of Russian arms and the power of Russian spirit; they will be picturesquely embodied in the natural scenery of the monumental Gatchina Castle: festive chiming will flow right from the palace belfry, and cannon firing will join the salvos of the final festive fireworks traditional for “The Night of Music.”

The marathon concert will feature the St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, well-known to fans of the Gatchina open air and headed by US conductor Vladimir Lande, and the Karelian State Philharmonic Orchestra from Petrozavodsk under the baton of Belgian conductor and composer Dirk Brosse who is impressive, multi-faceted, and popular in dozens of countries and Yuri Serov. The soloists will be young stars: US pianist Xaiyin Wang, Norwegian trumpeter Tine Helseth and St Petersburg cello player Alexey Stadler.



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