Musical Days of Flanders

VII International Festival 4 – 11 July 2006

St. Petersburg Musical Alliance Northern Flowers & Flemish Chamber Music Alliance

Dear citizens of Saint Petersburg,
To put living classical music, it means also music written by living composers, on the stage, is a real need, as real as the economical and social need. It is clear that this days all of us live in one global society, and that we have to discover as soon as possible the real laws working under the skin, basicly, at the inside of all structures. May be Marx was not only wrong, but really totally wrong, and may be the cultural need is the most important one, above ecenomics, above social and poltical level. May be good music provides to the society this particular energy that is needed to get the right and true economic result.
In Indian Hindou culture for instance, Shri Sararaswati, goddess of music, is the wife of Shri Brahmadevi, who is the god of (also economic) creation and deeds. If she is honoured by the music composed and played by honoust and dedicated musicians, she provides her husband the energy to do his job. If not: problems come, big problems…
May be Hindou vision is closer to reality than new liberal, new capitalist visions, that in all western ‘developped’ countries are responsable for the liquidation of hundreds of good orchestra’s. We will see what happens in the future, but in the meantime, we, —it means De Rode Pomp, it means a little music organizer of the littlest country in the world, Belgium — produce here in this city, full of grandeur and historical splendour, our five humble concerts, our little ‘musical days of Flanders’, as long as we can in time: in Belgium the respect for the music of living classical composers has almost completely gone. Here, since 8 years, we have the marvellous experience that people listen to the Belgian music and enjoy, without prejudice! Here, in Saint Petersbourg, composers of Belgium have nice talks after the concerts about their works, with nice, lovely and interested people: unbeleaveble!!!
So, as long as it will last his time, we come back. Because here we can produce what in our own country is no possible anymore. Here, on our own National Day, the 11th of July, we can organize a full symphonic concert with Flemish classical music…
Thanks to Saint Petersburg!
Thanks to Yuri Serov and his Crew of ‘Northern Flowers’: he is a man fully understanding the problematic surviving of the classical music, and he is also the one who destroys all obstructions!

André Posman, Chairman De Rode Pomp